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Headshots & Portraiture

First impressions in today's world absolutely count.

Having the right "look" is essential in business. Headshots & Portraits say absolutely everything about you in a glance. You may want your business to come across as trendy and fun or you may wish to portray a more serious corporate look, but whether you own a business and want to represent it, working for a company as an agent or sales rep or applying for a new job, it is vital we give you the right desired "look" to achieve your goals.

A glance from a client or customer will reassure them that they are working with the right person, from the smile, the sincerity, right down to the appropriate clothing or background that enhances the visual of "complete trust" at a glance.

While many believe they can simply do a great selfie on all these great smart phone cameras, what is often lost is the natural lighting, poses or "props" to make it picture perfect. That is where my professionality comes alive, to take your inner character and make it shine perfectly to represent your craft, position and professionality.

A strong and impactful corporate headshot that reassures your integrity is key to attracting clients. I work with businesses, executives as well as individuals in crafting professional business portraits for all types of organizations – from small startups or nonprofits looking for funding through grants applications; large corporations seeking new marketing strategies; governments agencies trying make a personal statement about who they are proud be associated with, and job seekers wanting to get in front of the crowd.

Headshots are an investment in yourself and/or your Company, but the benefits to both your personal and professional life are well worth the initial expenditure especially with social media expectations.

Business team headshots can be a huge benefit to your company or services. People trust faces! So whether it's to represent the team, show what great management you have, or for public profiles or social media, let me aid you in my professional advice and photography to brand your company through imagery the right way.

I can take all of the hassle out of arranging your team headshots and group photos. I come to your office and set up a temporary studio in your office space or outside grounds, I work quickly and efficiently and that means no hanging around and wasted time away from work for your employees. All of the final images are edited and color graded to keep the same high quality and consistency across all of your headshots and team photos. Get in touch for a bespoke quote for your business team photos.  

It is important to have a personal branding photographer to help you stand out from the noise and excite your tribe. People buy from people they know, like and trust as it is well-known fact that this works best for business success! As my client, I will provide high-quality images so you can use them on any social media channels or website of yours – all without having to worry about what graphics work together with your photos. You can focus on doing what you do best and let me handle the rest.

You know how important your image is and how you need to build your brand and grow your tribe. Using the right photos is critical in helping you to convey your message and have a bigger impact in reaching your audience.

Whether it’s to promote yourself or help you sell something, I give high-quality images so you can use without having to worry about how to convey that image you want to project to your audience.

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Achieving The Right Look Is More Essential Than You May Realize

First impressions matter, the first visual of yourself and your staff represent your company, products, services and brand. 

Portfolio's are far more than a quick selfie, lighting, backgrounds, appropriate attire and the relevant "pose" are what engage and capture your market.

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