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Dwan Petti


Hi, I am Dwan,

I am formally trained as a commercial photographer and over the years I have gained a vast experience in a wide expanse of projects, all of which I have enjoyed discovering how much something can be transformed into a story through my camera lens and expertise. I received an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Professional Photography after spending years cultivating a corporate career in Healthcare Administration.

StoryLight Photography was created from years of blending of my business ethics and art storyboards combined and cultivated. We all have a story to tell, and it is vital in today's modern world to bring something unique to the world around us, in a visually appealing and creative manner, to stay ahead of the competitors. My art, is to tell your story through light & photography.

Dwan Petti

If you are branding a product ..

Then I urge you to Dwan Petti. She is a Photographer with layers upon layers of visual information. Total brain meltdown once you start analyzing what really goes into it all, so grateful for her. We absolutely  100% recommend her.

- JJ Waktins 

Absolutely stunning...

Dwan Petti is on of the best photographers I have ever used inour Company Branding. She is able to capture our complex work lives with simple motives. From our Building, offices, products and team members she has done an exceptional job of representing us and who we are.

- Lewis Johnson - Brewery

Awards & Recognition

Form in photography is where light and shape collide to create images with depth and what I like to think of as touchability. Form makes an image lifelike, so the photo stands out, because the viewer feels that they can reach in and touch the person or object. Often a large amount of "desirability" can be felt through a single image and I have been recognized and awarded for my skill in capturing these moments. Please click below to see more.